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Business English course

Expand your career opportunities with business communication skills

How is the training going?


24 lessons in mini-groups up to 5 people


Personal progress manager consultations


Checking practical tasks


Flexible schedule and the ability to study remotely

After completing the course, you will be able to

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Conduct interviews in English and make presentations


Improve your English skills


Communicate Effectively
with business partners


Expand your career opportunities

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What students say about us

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Business Intensive
photo_2021-12-11 23.49.12-modified.png
Individual lessons

The teacher helped to prepare intensively for a meeting with foreign colleagues in a few weeks. The explanations are as clear and specific as possible. 

We continue with the teacher. I am absolutely satisfied with the teacher! She made me feel at ease right away and explained the material clearly. We do not study from textbooks, but use the material that the tutor selects for me individually.

photo_2021-12-11 23.56.35-modified.png
Business English

After completing the course, I felt  confidence in my knowledge, and finally began to take interviews in English. I understood the strategy of writing cover letters, together with the curator they corrected my resume, which definitely helped when looking for a job! 

Classes can be described as very effective!

photo_2021-12-11 23.34.57-modified.png
Business English

Thanks to the classes, I was able to find a job in an American logistics company! I already had a good level of English, but nevertheless, my English was more conversational and I lacked the practice of business communication. Thanks to the courses, I was able to structure my knowledge and prepare for an interview in English, improve my business English vocabulary and now I work entirely in English.

Questions and answers

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Why are group courses better than a personal teacher?

What do students receive upon graduation?

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