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IT recruiter

Start of the program - October 2th

The course will help you learn more about the profession of an IT recruiter. You will learn how to: understand the IT sector and the job market and how to negotiate with candidates in the same language

Who is the course for?

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Who wants to improve their technical competence
Strengthen knowledge and speak with IT specialists in the same language


Non-IT recruiters
Learn new terms and technologies for hiring IT specialists 

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Beginning recruiters
Systematization of knowledge and acquisition of new competencies

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Who wants to change profession
Become an IT recruiter

Mentorship approach

Study 3 months for 6 hours with practitioners

Group work and individual feedback

Clear theory and convenient practice

Skills after completing the course

Be familiar with IT terms

Understand how IT teams work

You can coordinate vacancies with the customer with understanding

Do you know how IT products are developed?

Our program is in line with modern technologies in IT

You will be supported by practicing professionals

Kristina Korobova, author of the program
Senior IT Recruitment Partner, Eesti Energia

Vladimir Ovodenko, author of the program
Senior Software Specialist, Bally's Interactive

For more information about the program, you may sign up for a consultation.

Career module

We will help you prepare your resume and cover letter. You'll get ready for interviews and learn how to present yourself.

In the Classroom

Tuition fee

450 € 

Paying for the course immediately

150 € per month  

Installment for 3 months

16 webinars

Relevant Skills for the Job

Homework assessment

Course Completion Certificate

You can study with a referral from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (Töötukassa)

Do you want to study? Sign up for a free consultation 

Our experts will tell you more about the course and answer your questions

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