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Manual QA Tester

The tester makes sure websites and apps work, finds bugs in products. Testing techniques, tools, and skills will be taught to you.

Beginner-friendly - No prior experience required.

Next batch starts - March, 19 

Pros of the profession

You don't need much experience to become a tester

Coding, math, or technical skills aren't required

Remote work is possible

Work formats can be customized to meet your needs

You will be able
to advance in IT

You can grow in testing, or move into development, become a manager

Starting salaries
are high

IT salaries are above average.

Who is the course intended for?

Image by Arlington Research

New to IT and wants to start from scratch

Image by Christina @

IT workers who want to improve their skills

Image by krakenimages

Those in related fields who want to change careers

How we teach

Training takes place in the form of sprints - two-week periods of intensive work. This is how most IT companies operate.


Sprints include interactive workshops, homework assignments, and hands-on projects 

QA software tools and training applications

Learn all the tools from scratch and play our training apps that mimic real-life situations

Live workshops in small group

You can collaborate, practice, and ask questions in real-time.  The workshops will be recorded and available afterwards

You will be supported by our team

Industry professionals guide you through all stages of training

Image by Dylan Ferreira

Instructor will guide you and share experience

Image by Amy Hirschi

The curator helps with education

Image by Austin Distel

Support and communication in chat

Program structure </>

You will learn only what is necessary to become a tester. There's no useless theory here

An internship with real projects

Deliver solutions to real companies - our partners. During these projects, you will test web services and mobile apps. 

Career prep classes

These classes will teach you how to make a resume and a LinkedIn profile. Learn how to represent yourself and improve your networking and interview skills.

Next, look for a job

It's time to start applying to jobs and communicating with employers.

And a job offer


In the past six months, 80% of our graduates have received job offers. 

 Our students get help, and we keep in touch


Flexible payment options

Take a 4 month course. Online training with a flexible schedule and convenient payment.


Single fixed payment

699 € 



Pay in 3 or 6 installments.

from 120 €  

Get in touch

We're ready to answer any questions you have.

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